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Franchise Interior Design :
KUNG FU TEA / TKK fried chicken / Yasubee

Since 2018, I have been designing stores like KUNG FU TEA, TKK fried chicken, and Yasubee franchise for over 94+ locations across the U.S. They are all under construction and more store designs are currently in progress.



United State & Canada

94+ Stores

Design Store List


2.KUNG FU TEA&TKK (Houston-TX)

3.KUNG FU TEA&TKK (Philadelphia-PA)


5.KUNG FU TEA&TKK (Virginia-VA)

6.KUNG FU TEA&TKK (New Hampshire-NH)

7.KUNG FU TEA&TKK (Michigan-MI)

8.KUNG FU TEA&TKK (Ellicott City-MD)

9.KUNG FU TEA&TKK (Baltimore-MD)

10.KUNG FU TEA (Minnieapolis-MN)

11.KUNG FU TEA (Illinois-IL)

12.KUNG FU TEA&TKK (Lexington-KY)

13.KUNG FU TEA&TKK (Michigan 2-MI)

14.KUNG FU TEA&TKK (Stafford-VA)

15.KUNG FU TEA (Florida-FL)

16.KUNG FU TEA (Jamaica-NY)

17.KUNG FU TEA (Midland-TX)

18.KUNG FU TEA (Glenview-IL)

19.KUNG FU TEA (Lorton-VA)

20.KUNG FU TEA (Fort Lauderdale-FL)

21.KUNG FU TEA (Canada)

22.KUNG FU TEA (Toledo-OH)

23.KUNG FU TEA (Fort Mills-SC)

24.KUNG FU TEA (Fort Myers-FL)

25.KUNG FU TEA (Humble-TX)

26.KUNG FU TEA (Astoria-NY)

27.KUNG FU TEA (Ontario-CA)

28.KUNG FU TEA (Austin-TX)

29.KUNG FU TEA (Raleigh-NC)

30.KUNG FU TEA (Fishers-IN)

31.KUNG FU TEA (Auburn-AL)

32.KUNG FU TEA & TKK Express (Bronx-NY)

33.KUNG FU TEA (Hilton Head Island-SC)

34.KUNG FU TEA (Stafford-VA)

35.KUNG FU TEA (Loudoun Pkwy-VA)

36.KUNG FU TEA (Greenwood-IN)

37.KUNG FU TEA (Newark-NJ)

38.KUNG FU TEA (Fayetteville-NC)

39.TKK fried chicken (Berkeley-CA)

40.KUNG FU TEA (Prosper-TX)

41.KUNG FU TEA (New East Lansing-MI)

42.KUNG FU TEA (Palmdale-CA)

43.KUNG FU TEA (College Point-NY)

44.KUNG FU TEA (Redlands-CA)

45.KUNG FU TEA (York-PA)

46.KUNG FU TEA (Elk Grove-CA)

47.KUNG FU TEA (El Cajon-CA)

48.KUNG FU TEA (Port Chrlotte-FL)

49.KUNG FU TEA (El Paso-TX)

50.KUNG FU TEA (Maple Grove-MN)

50.KUNG FU TEA (Maple Grove-MN)

51.KUNG FU TEA & TKK (Westwood-CA)

52.KUNG FU TEA (Ashburn-VA)

53.KUNG FU TEA (Pleasantville-NJ)

54.KUNG FU TEA (Thornton- CO)

55.KUNG FU TEA (Short pump 2- VA)

56.KUNG FU TEA (Centennial-CO)

57.KUNG FU TEA (New Rochelle-NY)

58.KUNG FU TEA (Murfreesboro-TN)

59.KUNG FU TEA (Westmont-IL)

60.KUNG FU TEA (Ryan-VA)

61.KUNG FU TEA (Horizon City-TX)

62.KUNG FU TEA (Prince Fred-MD)

63.KUNG FU TEA (Zionsville-IN)

64.TKK&Yasubee (Flushing-NY)

65.KUNG FU TEA (Hampton-VA)

66.KUNG FU TEA (Covington-LA)

67.KUNG FU TEA (Lubbock-TX)


69.KUNG FU TEA (Modesto-CA)

70.KUNG FU TEA (Southlake-TX)

71.KUNG FU TEA (Longmont-CO)

72.KUNG FU TEA (Fort Wayne-IN)

73.KUNG FU TEA&TKK (Franklin Square-NY)

74.KUNG FU TEA (Leesburg-VA)

75.KUNG FU TEA (Palisades-DC)

76.KUNG FU TEA (Texas City-TX)

77.KUNG FU TEA (Deer Park-TX)

78.KUNG FU TEA&TKK (Glitter Way-CO)

79.KUNG FU TEA&TKK (Myrtle Beach-SC)

80.KUNG FU TEA (Rippon-CA)

81.KUNG FU TEA (Jefferson-GA)

82.KUNG FU TEA (Cornelius-NC)

83.KUNG FU TEA (Hilliard-OH)

84.KUNG FU TEA (South Windsor-CT)

85.KUNG FU TEA (Warner Robins-GA)

86.KUNG FU TEA (Sioux City-IA)

87.KUNG FU TEA (Memphis-TN)

88.KUNG FU TEA (Coral Springs-FL)

89.KUNG FU TEA (Colonial Dr-FL)

90.KUNG FU TEA (Urbana-IL)

91.KFT & Yasubee (New York City-NY)

92.KUNG FU TEA (New Haven-CT)

93.KFT & TKK Express(Fresh Meadows-NY)

94.KUNG FU TEA (Merced-CA)

Representative Work
KUNG FU TEA & YASUBEE & TKK fried Chicken
2022/ New York
2021/ Glenview (IL)
2021/ Hilton Head Island (SC)
2021/ Astoria (NY)
KUNG FU TEA & TKK fried chicken
2020/ Michigan 2 (MI)